Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"Butterfly" is my new spring routine.  I haven't completely learned a new routine in several months, so I am so excited to have new moves and music to play with.  Butterfly is a routine with an upper body focus.  You flutter your wings, roll your shoulder blades, and fly your body's free dance.  A perfect  dance into spring. 

Feeling systemic movement through your upper extremities is something we rarely do.  When is the last time you walked forward while swooping your arms out in front of you and up to the sky?  When is the last time you walked backwards while letting your hands whoosh down toward the earth from above your head.   When is the last time you hugged your heart from behind while kissing your shoulder blades together? Add some moving music to that and you've got yourself some soul soothing medicine.

Do you smell the spring breeze calling you to move?  It is time for us to come out of our winter cocoons.  It is time for us to feel the sun on our skin, to shake open our wings, stretch and see where they can take us.  Interested?  Come to A2 Yoga on Wednesdays at 6, and be ready to fly.

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